Thursday, July 21, 2011

Family Law Is So Screwed Up In California

Why should Arnold Schwarzenegger have to pay Maria alimony? It's not like she's Suzie Homemaker with no ability to take care of herself. Ditto on child support; even though they both seek joint custody of their minor children, the fact that Arnold currently has more money makes him liable for such support. Don't they both have enough money to make such spiteful silliness like this moot?


maxutils said...

And, it begins with no-fault divorce . . .what other legal binding contract can be broken without a breech by one of the parties? It begs the question: why does government recognize marriage for ANYONE?

Anonymous said...


If California did not have no-fault divorce, Arnold would be on the hook, too. Having an affair would be "cause".

-Mark Roulo