Thursday, July 28, 2011

Even More Than The Coveted Sewing Kit, or, There Must Be Something In The Nevada Water

Much like a book published in the 1800's, this post has a title and a subtitle.

The title refers to an inside joke between me and someone I still love all these years later....Anyway, we used to visit before our Vegas trips, and one of the informational tidbits at that site was a description of what toiletries you'd receive at each hotel. The creme de la creme, the pinnacle of hotel goodies, was the sewing kit. Well, today I got home from a 3-day stay at Aria in Las Vegas, and there were so many toiletries! There were four bottles: shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and body lotion. There were four other items: a "vanity kit" containing not only a mere sewing kit but also a shower cap, Q-tips, an emery board, and some non-descript pads; soap; mouthwash; and a toothbrush. Sadly, I saw no shoe rag, but I'm sure there was one somewhere! I must say, I was impressed not only with the toiletry haul but with pretty much the entire facility--room, decor, restaurants, and the like. The slots took my money without so much as a smile, though, and there were no Star Trek slots!

The subtitle of this post refers to the improvement of my injured leg when I go to Nevada. Last month I went to Reno and, for the first time since my accident, was able to lift my foot into the car. On this week's trip to Las Vegas, I was able to walk up a couple of stairs while leading with my injured leg for the first time! Maybe there's something in the water....

I'm currently uploading some low-resolution video of a helicopter tour of The Strip, which I'll publish as soon as it's completed....

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