Saturday, July 09, 2011

Conservatives For The Environment

Of course conservatives are pro-environment, we just don't make a fetish of it. This author has an interesting piece, which ends thusly:
Conservatives need to remember they can care for the environment and still hate Al Gore.
OK, given. But what about this statement?
But rather than worry about the politics of the science, can’t we all just agree that pollution is not a good thing, that wasting energy is stupid and expensive, and that we ought not damage the environment?
It's not a matter of "damaging" then environment, it's a matter of degree. I know many conservatives who, like me, are rightly labeled "conservationists", which is a very different animal from the wacko "environmentalists" who make the most noise.


Curmudgeon said...

You know the old joke, right?

Developers want to build a house in the woods, which pisses off the environmentalists who already HAVE a house in the woods.

Elaine C said...

Heh. I consider myself an environmentalist... though not according to your definition.

We do it primarily because it saves so much money... over $2000 just for our kid's stuff this past year alone. It always surprises me that liberals don't use this more often... they'd probably get farther.

Ellen K said...

Teddy Roosevelt would not fit anyone's definition of a liberal, yet he created our national parks system and was a supporter of being careful with our resources as a nation. Conservative comes from the word "conserve" which means to protect or save. Unfortunately that means we can't save everything and that is where liberals and conservatives part ways.