Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Special Election Issue" of California Educator Magazine

I could regale you with all the stupidity in it--Brown over Whitman for governor, "Call me Senator" Boxer over Fiorina for Senator--but all you really need to know is how CTA and I differ on the ballot initiatives.

Prop 19: CTA curiously didn't recommend, I voted yes
Prop 20: CTA says no, I voted yes
Prop 21: CTA says yes, I voted no
Prop 22: CTA says no, I voted no (but I'm sure for very different reasons!)
Prop 23: CTA says no, I voted yes
Prop 24: CTA says yes, I voted no
Prop 25: CTA says yes, I voted no
Prop 26: CTA says no, I voted yes
Prop 27: CTA says yes, I voted no

I have so little in common with that organization that is entitled by state law to my money as a condition of employment. Given the above, you can imagine what I'd write about the rest of the dreck in this issue of the rag.


muckdog said...

Just consider it a guide on how not to vote. Vote the opposite!

Paige said...

Some of my family members get together every voting season and talk over our choices. I told my father we could save a lot of time and simply find out what CTA says and do the opposite.

Looks like that strategy would have worked for you with one exception.

Of course we will do our due diligence and figure it out for ourselves.

Jason Seliskar said...

I hear ya! Was just asked by my site rep if I had changed my fee-payer status and I said uhh No! Since I have no voting rights and CTA just raised my dues by 18 dollars a month in this economic time it convinced me more. I am not going to help fund politically. She said to fill out a member concern card anonymously and she would ask why we cannot vote. But I had to write it out. The union said that we are grown adults and that we are able to write our own concern cards. Hmmm...But I guess we are not grown adults when it comes to voting for our candidates. We need to be hand held when it comes to voting.