Wednesday, October 13, 2010

School Cancels Future Dances After Dirty Dancing Pics Appear on Facebook

If you've read this blog long enough, you know that I don't believe that schools should concern themselves with what students do when school's not in session. Parents and law enforcement should take care of that; schools have enough to worry about without accepting this mission creep. What students put on the internet on their own time is out of bounds for the school.

Except when what they put on the internet pertains to school activities--as it did when student(s) put "dirty dancing" pictures from the Homecoming Dance on Facebook.

BELLEVUE, Ohio (WUPW) - Future dances are in jeopardy at one Northwest Ohio high school, because pictures surfaced on Facebook Monday evening of so-called “dirty dancing.”

The photos were put on the Bellevue Gazette's Facebook page. The pictures have since been removed at the request of the Bellevue Local Schools superintendent. Because of copyright laws, FOX Toledo News cannot show them.

Bellevue High School's homecoming dance happened three weeks ago, but the Facebook photos last night quickly caused a controversy in the small Sandusky County community.

Bellevue City Schools Superintendent Kim Schubert issued a statement Tuesday, saying she has suspended future dances "until all parties have worked together to set clear expectations for students behavior".

Long-time readers will also know that I myself don't tolerate this kind of behavior that's inappropriate in public. A good rule of thumb for students is this: if you wouldn't want to watch your parents do it in public, you shouldn't do it, either.

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Ellen K said...

This is why I do not chaperon dances. I would be constantly breaking apart couples. What passes for dancing looks very much like something else.