Sunday, October 31, 2010

San Francisco Values

Those of you outside of California know all about San Francisco--or you think you do. Yes, the Gay Pride Parades and the Folsom Street Fair and some other activities are more sexually explicit than even Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and yes, they're pretty rabidly liberal there, but folks, if that's all you know, you don't know anything. Allow me to offer you this small insight into the thought processes of a true San Franciscan:

Now comes the frightening part. San Francisco magazine sees a convoluted series of plays and deals that could put Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in at Room 200 (of city hall). That scream you just heard was this queen reacting in horror to such a possibility. I say no to Pelosi as our mayor! The last thing our great city needs now is Pelosi giving up her Congressional seat and returning home to rule as mayor.

Conservatives will be shocked to learn that in her backyard, Pelosi is not widely viewed as truly representing our core liberal to progressive values. She's all sizzle and no steak on pro-peace politics, gay rights, ending the AIDS drug waiting list crisis, preserving the environment and other important local concerns. Pelosi is from San Francisco, but her real constituency has been her more rightwing House colleagues.

That's right, Nancy Pelosi is a friend of rightwing House colleagues.

So I ask this--is she's too "conservative" to be mayor, why would you want her in the Congress, where her "conservative" values can help soon-to-be-Speaker Boehner and the gang?

Such is the logic, and the set of values, of a true San Franciscan.

Update, 11/3/10: It's the day after the election. Want to see how out of touch San Francisco is? Click here to see California election results, and then click on the tabs for Propositions 20 and 27. Proposition 20 extended the state's redistricting commission to cover congressional races in addition to state legislature races, and Proposition 27 would have eliminated the redistricting commission. Look at the maps for each of those propositions, focusing on tiny San Francisco city/county.

More evidence that those people are just nuts.


MikeAT said...


After reading the post and your comments I have to say...I need a drink....I'm not sure of myself right now.

But I love this comment on the post:

Akatsukami said...

In The Godfather, Bonasera says to Don Corleone of the punks who beat up his daughter, "Let then suffer, then, as she suffers".

You have inflicted Pelosi on us for years. Now suffer, as we have suffered.

Ellen K said...

Voters may not get the government they want, but the do get the government they deserve. What is sad is that the same folks, including Jerry Brown, who opened this economic can of worms are now expected to recan the worms. It isn't happening and it's not likely to happen thanks to partisan promises made by the left to unions, illegal immigrants and countless other patchwork groups. Like it or not, California is broke. And given their population's unwillingness to accept responsibility for what they have wrought, I will not be happy if a lame duck session bails them out. A pox on their houses if they do this. We won't forget.