Friday, October 15, 2010

Remember the School Laptop Webcam Case?

If not, here's a summary I wrote in this post:
The hottest story on the education blogs today relates to this post I wrote way back in February, in which school-issued laptops had built-in cameras activated remotely--and the pictures were stored at the district. Students had these laptops in their bedrooms, and you can see where we're going with this one....

The situation has been settled. According to Joanne:
The district will pay $610,000, Wired reports. One student gets $175,000, the other gets $10,000 and the rest goes their lawyers.

Lawyers sure do make a lot of money.


scott mccall said...

they have to pay for their $400,00 cheeseburger somehow

Ellen K said...

Tell me about it. We have to file suit against the drunk driver that hit and totaled my son's car thanks to an insurance company that would rather stiff kids than pay out. His car is totaled, his back is messed up and while they settled in full with the adult drive who was also hit, this particular company is trying to screw over my kid. This is why lawyers get rich.