Monday, October 04, 2010

Power Corrupts.

And PowerPoint corrupts absolutely.

Never heard that before reading it here.


Steve USMA '85 said...

Briefing style aimed at today's attention deficit disordered youth. If you have to use fancy visuals to hold your audience's attention, you are either presenting boring material or you are a boring presenter.

My two cent's worth at least.

(And yes, I do a LOT of presentations including teaching college-level statistics.)

allen (in Michigan) said...

I'd put it this way:

Power corrupts.



Anonymous said...

Prezi is a novelty of no real value.

Most PowerPoints suck because people don't know how to correctly leverage its... power.

Instead use using it to help THEM tell the story, they let PPT tell the story. And PPT is a lousy storyteller. Or they use bullet points. Teachers use 3-up printouts with space to take notes. Nearly everyone crams too many words on each slide in small fonts (the equivalent of talking fast).

"Presenters" read their presentations with their back to the audience, etc.

My students make a point (!) to praise my presos. I DO use it to assist in my telling of the story. And it works. (I'll admit, I do not use PPT to generate my presos.)

Bottom line: PowerPoint doesn't kill audiences. Bad presenters kill audiences.