Friday, October 08, 2010

How Bad It Is For Liberals

These pus-suckers can't talk up anything good done by the current president and Congress. No, they have to resort to internet tricks to try to sway public opinion:

The goal of Grassroots SEO is to get as many undecided voters as possible to read the most damaging news article about the Republican candidate for Congress in their district. It is based on two simple premises:
  1. One of the most common political activities people take online is to use search engines, mainly Google, to find information on candidates. (For more information, see the Pew Internet and American Life Project’s report on 2008 online political engagement.)
  1. These results of these searches are always in flux based upon hyperlinks anyone posts anywhere on the Internet, including message board comments and social networking sites (but not email).

As a result of this, not only is it possible for us to use our hyperlinks to impact what people find when they search for information on candidates, but we would be foolish not to do so in a way that benefited our preferred candidates. We are already impacting search engine rankings whenever we post any hyperlink anywhere, so we need to make sure the way we use hyperlinks helps result in our preferred political outcomes.

In war, if you're not strong enough to take on your opponent, you resort to either terrorist or guerrilla acts. With the statement above they're admitting the weakness of their position.


pseudotsuga said...

In the comments of that article (which I read, and then had to go bleach my eyes afterwards) there is some discussion that boils down to whether the end justifies the means. Apparently, the majority opinion is that any means necessary to win an election for the "correct" side is justified.

Idiots. Useful idiots, to borrow a phrase.
Dare I say unAmerican?

pseudotsuga said...

Did you read the comments, in which KOSsacks debate whether the end justifies the means or not? It's scary--many of these people really do want absolute power rather than accepting majority vote.
Dangerous fools.

Mrs. C said...

I've noticed that little bloggers never get to the top when they post things, too. I can't tell you how many times I've read an interesting post that really SHOULD be more widely read... but it's very buried on those search engines. I wouldn't wonder if sometimes people are paying for good spots with candidates as well.

Eric W. said...

Hey, it's cheaper than what Meg Whitman's doing.