Wednesday, October 13, 2010

He Just Doesn't Get It

The president reveals in an upcoming magazine article that Republicans will have to learn how to get along with him in a 'serious way' if they win the House majority next month. link

Uh, Barack? You are going to have to learn how to get along with Republicans, too.

Gawd, this man's arrogance and self-importance know no bounds.

And what does he mean "if they win"? It's going to happen.


Ellen K said...

If they have a big enough majority to override vetos, the opposing party doesn't even have to give him the time of day. Just one more reason to vote Democrats out.

MiaZagora said...

He is so arrogant and will listen to no one - people are jumping ship left and right (mostly left). He has bypassed Congress and appointed all of his kooky czars. He'll try to bypass Congress again. He's a dictator. He must have read that book that Chavez gave him.

allen (in Michigan) said...

Oh come on. The man's a standard issue politician not some bug-eyed ideologue. That bus of his hasn't been bumping over all the people he's thrown under it because of his fierce loyalty to people and ideas but because when people and ideas become troublesome he discards them.

He'll never embrace conservative ideas no matter what the electoral results but a severe enough drubbing at the polls means he's in no position to dictate or even strongly influence the legislative agenda. He, and the rest of the left wing, will make their compromises on terms set by conservatives.

About all that leaves is trash-talking which is what Obama's been vigorously practicing for some time not that it's much of a tactic.

W.R. Chandler said...

This, coming from Mr. "I Won."