Saturday, October 23, 2010

Do Only Certain Minorities Matter?

They were roaming the halls of South Philadelphia High School looking for a fight. Their target, according to police: Asian students...

After being attacked as a freshman and witnessing other attacks on Asian students, Wei founded the Chinese Student Association to help new Chinese students -- many who recently immigrated to the country -- adjust to life at South Philly High. He also kept track of the incidents of violence against Asian students.

Last year's altercation was the final straw.
Wei Chen organized a boycott of South Philly High after a violent attack on Asian students.

Wei and 50 other students organized an eight-day boycott of the school. They wanted to draw attention to what they felt was an inadequate response by the school staff to the ongoing harassment and violence leading up to the December 3 incident.

"School should be safe," he said. "The school should be responsible for students' safety. This is important"...

Nevertheless, the boycott helped trigger nationwide attention to the violence against Asian students at South Philly High. Months later, a federal investigation was launched following a formal civil rights complaint filed by the Asian American Legal Defense Fund.

"It's huge," said Cecilia Chen, staff attorney for the Asian American Legal Defense Fund.

"It's basically the federal government coming in and saying that the school district has failed to protect the constitutional rights of its students, which they have an obligation to do," Chen said.

According to the complaint, "the District and the School acted with 'deliberate indifference' to the harassment against Asian students and 'intentional disregard for the welfare of Asian students'" at the school...

The superintendent of schools did not return CNN's calls for a comment, but the school's new principal, Otis Hackney, says security at South Philly High is his top priority. link

You have to wonder how much press this story would have gotten if white kids had been targeting minorities for attacks. Stories like this make me sick. Every child should feel safe at school, not just students with the "correct" beliefs or the "correct" skin color. For all you lefties out there, when does "bullying" and targeting people because of their race become a "hate crime"?


Mrs. C said...

Thank you, Darren. ALL students should feel safe and respected at school. Hopefully the school district learns something from this!!

High School Tchr said...

I was bullied in high school because of my mother's political affiliation. The administration did nothing about it because the bully was the child of the family who made the biggest donations to the school.

As long as we have school leaders who will turned a blind eye to the atrocities that are occurring in our schools, then students will take it upon themselves to do something to alleviate their suffering, and as we've seen, it can be tragic.

Just another example of the spineless, gutless leadership running our schools.

Anonymous said...

From the link, the attacking students were black. It's a tenant of the liberal religion that blacks can never, ever, EVER be the instigators of racial violence, only the victims.

So, let's doll it up in libtard speak: The oppressive racial climate caused the black students to act out their misplaced aggression. They are the true victims here, of the hegemonic patriarchial racist society. They need our compassion and understanding. A new government program must be formed to provide opportunities for black innercity youth. We won't allow other races to use the program, as that would be racist.