Friday, October 29, 2010

A Bit Too Extreme?

A school board member who posted on Facebook that he thinks gay youths should kill themselves announced Thursday night that he would quit, hours after protesters rallied outside of a high school to call for his resignation.

In an appearance on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360," Clint McCance he would resign from his school board seat "to help my school, my community," though he said he might run again for the board in the future.

McCance said he had been made aware that the way he expressed his beliefs about homosexuals was hurtful. link

That's right, it was the way he said it, not what he said, that was wrong. Idiot.

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Mrs. C said...

What this guy said was stupid, but I've seen plenty of other people who have also said stupid things. I'm sure there are plenty of school board members who publicise derisive positions against Christian theology and Christians themselves. I've read quite a number of anti-Christian posts on the teacher blogs, written by public school teachers.

No one makes *them* resign.

I think all school districts should have some sort of facebook/blog policy and then stick to it, no matter WHAT the teacher or board member is supporting. Seriously, people need to use better common sense no matter their personal opinion.