Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Who Will He Blame For His Making A Speech That Makes Him Look So Stupid?

Just when you think the president couldn't look any worse, he opens his mouth:

Don't point fingers. Don't make excuses. Don't pass the buck.

That was the advice President Obama gave to a graduating high school class in Michigan Monday night -- advice that sent off an irony alert among Republicans who accuse the president of having "spent his tenure" doing exactly that.

Obama offered his guidance during the commencement speech at Kalamazoo Central High School.

Here's a list of times when President Obama did exactly the opposite of what he's telling the students.

Update, 6/10/10: Here's more:
Obama says he's sick and tired of the Washington blame game, but still can't resist doling out piles of blame himself.

His compulsive, reflexive finger-pointing at Republicans, George W. Bush and vague villains on the right is not only unbecoming, it also reinforces the gathering public verdict that Obama is a weakling.

Victims do not make good leaders.

Update, 6/12/10: You can't campaign on the idea that government can and should do everything, and then blame someone else when your administration can't do anything right:

Anti-Bush furor, meanwhile, had the exact opposite effect on liberals and moderates. Instead of shrinking their faith in government’s capabilities, it significantly expanded it. The only reason the U.S. economy had gone south or that other nations weren’t fans of America was because George W. Bush was the president.

It was a surprisingly simplistic argument that, unfortunately for President Obama, has become a nihilistic genie who cannot be put back into a bottle. Having let forth the argument that the president is literally responsible for anything bad that happens during his administration, it’s a bit hard now for the public to be persuaded that it’s really not Obama’s fault that oil is spewing into the ocean off American shores.

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neko said...

I was expecting him to add:

"Now, let me be clear, it's not your fault that you kids make excuses. After all, most of your education took place under George W. Bush."