Wednesday, June 02, 2010

More of California's Nanny State

There's a bill moving through the legislature that will ban plastic grocery bags throughout the state, whether or not stores or customers want them. It's for our own good, of course. Liberals love the word "ban".

I'm old enough to remember when stores switched from paper to plastic--because paper, a renewable and sustainable resource, comes from killing trees and hence was bad for the environment!

Our state has a $20 billion dollar deficit. I'm not saying the legislature should focus only one issue at a time, but if we were to list, say, the top 100 issues that truly need to be addressed in the state, would plastic grocery bags even make the list?

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Ronnie said...

Conservatives love the word ban just as much. I do agree that this issue is entirely a pointless one with no reason to have valuable time taken up over though.