Friday, June 11, 2010

Jobs Americans Won't Do

Today, on the last day of school!, a former student came to visit me. He's perhaps the most talented musician I've ever known and attends a well-known music school in New York City. Among the many things we talked about was the fact that he'll be a resident assistant in his dorm next year. That means he won't have to pay to live in the dorms!

He also reminded me that his (current) citizenship is Canadian, although he's working through the system to get his American citizenship. (It would be great if his naturalization ceremony is here in Sacramento so I could attend).

During our talk it hit me--he's taking a job away from a good red, white, and blue-blooded American kid! Or is RA one of those jobs I keep hearing about that Americans won't do?

(Attention feverswamp liberals! The last paragraph is said in good humor, not in denigration. Please do not get your panties in a bunch over it.)


Ellen K said...

My daughter was an RA for two years. It was very hard work requiring dealing with residents, working the desk, enforcing rules and such. And it was a very difficult job to get. So yes, he's taking a job away from an American kid. And yes, it's a job an American kid would do. I know a kid right now heading to School of Visual Arts that is hoping to get just such a job.

Anonymous said...

Was it Levi?

Viki said...

I was an RA for 2 years too. It can be difficult. You have to do what is Right and not what is Easy.
So maybe some American kids wouldn't want to do that right now.
It might mean disagreeing with someone, enforcing rules and even reporting friends who might be breaking rules. I know some American kids who would have a hard time with this job. Not all American kids would have trouble.

So yes he is taking a job away from an American kid, but, he WANTS to be an American kid and is trying to become an American kid.
I don't begrudge him.

MikeAT said...

And Darren, the feverswamp liberals will have panty problems no matter what you say....good try though! :)

Darren said...