Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Is An Apology Enough?

What has become of our lawmakers? They're arrogant enough today to call their constituents names, to accuse them of hurling racial epithets (with absolutely no proof)--and now we have one assaulting student reporter.

The kid is well-dressed, certainly not looking threatening, and, instead of "getting in his face", just asks the congressman if he completely supports the Obama agenda. Some Alinskiyite, this kid!

The Congressman's response is to grab the student, hold his wrist, repeatedly ask who the student is, grab his neck, and then release him. It's all on video.

Any of you liberals want to defend this? Perhaps say that Republicans do it, too, so it's OK?

CNN video

An apology is not enough. Good people in North Carolina know that this man shouldn't be representing them in Congress.


Scott McCall said...

i dont care if he's a lawmaker. he still has to abide by the law, if i was the kid i'd definitely look into if there are any charges to press against him.

just because he's a lawmaker, he's not exempt from ANYTHING

Michelle said...

I love how the liberals are trying to turn this around and say that the Congressman "hugged" the kid at the end. If it was a "hug" it certainly was forced and does not excuse the grabbing of the student in the first place.

MikeAT said...


1. An apology good enough, hell no! Then again Congressmen (at least in their minds) are above the law the restrains us mere mortals. Remember the congresswoman who assaulted a Capital cop…

2. Again, where is the “objective media” screaming about this man…I mean the former governor of Virginia said “macaka” and we never heard the end of it. Oh, I forgot, they are trying to tie this college student to the rabid right wing that accosted this dignified public servant who was in fear for his life.

3.Watch yourself in DC man…B Hussein Obama is more blind than HIZONORDAGOV of New York and may mistake your ass as the one to kick…and that congressman is at large!

Ellen K said...

This is the motif for this presidency and administration-accuse, excuse, complain, lay blame, apologize, repeat. You see it over and over. In the meantime, while pundits pour over the limitations of assault and battery (battery is actual physical contact, assault is the threat of violence) Gov. Jindal is taking steps to close the sand bars, something the Feds could have and should have done weeks ago. So what order will the song come in during tonight's speech?