Thursday, June 03, 2010

Illegal Fees Charged In Schools

I have an appointment with my district superintendent next week, the purpose of which is to discuss the charging of illegal fees in our schools. Having tackled this issue for many years now I'm quite aware of what the legal requirements are, and I have no doubt that many of the fees we charge are unlawful.

Landing in my lap yesterday is a report from the San Diego County Grand Jury. Scroll down to Fact Set Seven, page 11/15, to get to the findings regarding certain fees charged in San Diego schools. The grand jury found that in every case the fees were illegal.

This report will certainly strengthen my claim that our district should probably stop this practice sooner rather than later.

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Ellen K said...

We have been trying for years to get our principal to allow us to charge fees for supplies. Instead our PTSA takes our supply list, adds twelve bucks profit and uses it as a fundraiser. We get nothing and due to the higher price, half the kids refuse to buy any supplies. So we end up subsidizing the PTSA. Nice.