Thursday, June 17, 2010

An Alternate View Of Teachers Unions

Greg from Rhymes With Right sent me this link, which certainly gives a view of unions that you don't often read here on my site.

Now is as good a time as any to state, clearly, my view of unions. In principle I have no problems with unions. In fact, in principle I support them! Voluntary associations of people who band together in their common interests--what could be more American than that?

The problems I have with unions are forced unionism, like we have in California and other "fair share" states, and the "mission creep" of unions to where they attempt to wield political power far beyond their raison d'etre of employee pay, benefits, and working conditions.

I have stated before that I would, if I could, be a full member of my local (district) teachers union. However, due to the "unified structure" forced by the NEA, in order to be a member of the local I also have to be a member of the state and national unions. My local union works with teachers, for teachers, whereas the state and national unions are nothing more than an offshoot of and PAC for the Democratic Party. I want nothing to do with the state and national unions, so I'm forbidden to be a member of my local union. It's very third grade--I don't want to be friends with their friends, so I can't be friends with them.

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Rhymes With Right said...

And that is the great thing about the situation here in Texas -- we can join organizations or not, as we choose. There is a big "but" about them -- "but they really have little, if any negotiating power on our behalf." They are most effective as lobbying organizations, and as conduits for liability insurance in the unlikely event we get sued.