Thursday, April 29, 2010

Who's Boycotting Whom?

I've heard so much about that new Arizona illegal immigration law. Did you know that most of it was lifted directly from federal law? Did you know that it's been federal law for about 70 years that legal aliens have their green cards on their person at all times? Which president signed that law, and what party controlled the congress that passed that law?

But now we're supposed to all be angry at Arizona for making it a state crime to violate that specific federal law. Cry me a river. Wasn't everyone supposed to be boycotting California for passing Proposition 8?

Who's boycotting whom? Who's zoomin' who?

Update, 5/2/10: I didn't know about this video, wherein Senator Obama states that we're a nation of laws and people, including the illegal alien who's the subject of the story, should follow those laws. (BTW, she got deported.)


Scott McCall said...

THANK YOU!!!!! It's really pissing me off that everyone, including media, is claiming this as a racist bill that violates the rights of citizens when there are two specific paragraphs that state that the rights of every person is still preserved and protected (therefore, a cop can NOT stop any person he pleases to ask for immigration status) and that the person in question MUST have committed a crime the hell is that racist?

Let alone that this is just an extension of what the border patrol already does to local authority.

I guess we now realize how easy it is for the media to get everyone round up about a basic bill.

Ellen K said...

The stupidity of the Left is epitomized by one group calling for a boycott of Arizona Iced Tea, which is made in Nassau NY. They don't know what's in the law, they don't know how it will be enacted, but their minions tell them it's bad so they are out to protest en masse. Funny how every citizen has to show proof of identity when they are involved in a car accident or when they cash a check or even when you pick up your kids at school. If the Obama whipped hoards manage to get the act of proving identity outlawed, he will have set up a very dangerous precedent for the future.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break. Even Lindsey Graham thinks Arizona's law is unconstitutional. When the law says you can ask anyone for "their papers," that's Third Reich stuff. And if you don't see the racist nature of the law, you might try opening your eyes.

Boycotts of Arizona helped them to see the light in honoring Republican Martin Luther King, Jr (against their initial will). Maybe such actions will help them see the error of there ways once again.

Darren said...

If lifting words straight from federal law is Nazi, then you're right. Otherwise you're an idiot.

Scott McCall said...

anonymous....sounds like you haven't read the bill. Section 2 Subsection J of the bill says that the constitutional rights of every citizen AND every person is still protected. Section 4 Subsection E is one of the SEVERAL sections that say that a person can only be stopped if the officer has reasonable suspicion (as always) AND they have violated a civil law. There are a couple paragraphs that simply say an officer can ask for immigration status if he simply suspects something, but the other paragraphs limit WHEN he can ask for them. The person in question has to commit a crime first. it CLEARLY states that in the bill. try reading it first, THEN voice your opinion.

Also keep in mind that if you are an immigrant, it's the law to carry your ID at all times. When anyone, even citizens, are stopped by a cop because they committed a crime, they are REQUIRED to show ID to the officer. Therefore, you should have your ID, passport, or green card anyway. Theres nothing new here, it's just the same law transferred from border patrol to local law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

We'll see how it all plays out, Scott. I did read the law, and I'll say you're misinterpreting it. The "reasonable suspicion" may simply be that someone is in violation of the immigration law. DWBs will skyrocket. (In AZ, the B is for Brown.)

I'll side with Lindsey Graham and Desmond Tutu on this one. And I'll stay out of AZ lest I get a tan and fall under suspicion.

It'll be good to see Arizonans doing their own labor, raising their own kids, mowing their own lawns, etc. If you want to solve the problem, try cracking down on the employers of illegals.

maxutils said...

Why can't we do both?

Darren said...

Both? You mean boycott *and* zoom?