Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This Teacher Has Too Much Hate

There's just too much psychological projection on the part of lefties. They preach and wail against hatred, but they sure harbor plenty of it:

The anti-Tea Party middle school teacher who is the focus of two investigations on allegations that include inciting hate speech, attempted orchestration of mass identity theft and misuse of school property is back teaching in his classroom.

Jason Levin was taken off administrative leave at Conestoga Middle School on Monday while the Beaverton, Ore., School District’s internal investigation continues, said district spokeswoman Maureen Wheeler.

“He is not a danger to students, and the District has not found evidence that he has been sharing his political viewpoints with students,” Wheeler said in an e-mail statement to FoxNews.com...

Last week, the Oregon Tea Party said it did not want Levin to lose his job and that they'd welcome him back if he underwent anger management therapy and they received an apology from him and the school district. But concerned parents and Tea Party members say they never heard back from the district, and now they're taking a harsher tone, demanding an explanation for Levin’s reinstatement.
You've got to love it when "anger management" or "sensitivity training" are thrown back at the lefties who created them to punish the right.


allen (in Michigan) said...

Too bad narcissism isn't justification for firing.

Ellen K said...

So can you imagine what happens if a kid happens to wear a tee shirt espousing pro-American, traditional or conservative views? Will this teacher, who obviously has a problem, go off on some middle school kid because of political views held by his parents? Remember, he chose to make this a public fight. And he chose to lie in doing so.