Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Maestro de Ingles

This summer I'll be returning to the Yucatan, this time with my son, for 2010's "marquee vacation". When I went 2 years ago I took a day trip from Cancun to Chichen Itza; unfortunately, given the travel distance and the 4 stops, we only got to spend 3 hrs at Chichen Itza. That is not enough time. For this trip I'm considering renting a car for a day and driving there, allowing us to keep our own schedule.

I'm tentatively planning a trip to Iceland in Summer 2011. Instead, though, I may seriously consider this opportunity--teaching English to schoolchildren and hotel employees for 2 weeks in exchange for free housing near Chichen Itza.


Alf said...

Chichen Itza is great! If you're going to Yucatan, you must go to Merida, a delightful little town. I had a fun evening there watching a Pink Panther movie at the local movie theater, Spanish subtitles and all. The audience was almost as much fun as the movie.

Eric W. said...

Do you hablo enough español to enseñar los niños?

Darren said...

Clearly you've forgotten about my extensive language skills.