Monday, April 05, 2010

It Wasn't Banned Already?

No, it wasn't, but now it is: Yale professors are not allowed to have sex with Yale undergrads.

After more than a quarter century of debate, Yale faculty members are now barred from sexual relationships with undergraduates—not just their own students, but any Yale undergrads...

Previously, the university had prohibited such relationships only when the faculty member had “direct pedagogical or supervisory responsibilities” over the student. That remains the rule for affairs between faculty and graduate or professional students, and between grad students and undergrads.


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Erica said...

I kind of disagree with the grads/undergrads thing, given they're all in the same age group. As long as it wasn't a grad student who had direct authority over the undergrad I wouldn't have any sort of problem with it.

I briefly dated a professor in college (after I finished his course) and it's really not such a whopping big deal.