Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What Happens To Kids When A Parent Is Missing?

Joanne (see blogroll) has two important, sad, telling posts today, which I'll juxtapose here. To highlight the thread of continuity, let's check out the opening 'graphs from each:

The racial achievement gap reflects a parenting gap, writes teacher Patrick Welsh in the Washington Post. Most of his black students — except for the immigrants — don’t have two parents at home pushing them to work hard. link

After 20 years as a lawyer for death-row prisoners, Tom Dunn is teaching middle school in Atlanta, reports the New York Times. He wants to keep his students from ending up like his former clients. link

Ponder the implications.

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Anonymous said...

"Both teachers were told by a T.C. Williams administrator that the problem was not with the students but with their own low expectations." Faith placed above reason, and faith in the wrong object at that.