Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Trivia

The answer to yesterday's question is:
The El Rancho Vegas opened in 1941 on land that today sits between Circus Circus and Stratosphere. The hotel burned down in 1960 and the lot is still vacant almost 50 years later.

Welcome to another THEME WEEK! This week's theme is airports.

Today's question is:
What is the full name of the airport with IATA code of BWI?


Anonymous said...

KBWI...Baltimore Washington International

gbradley said...

I'm pretty sure that I stayed at the El Rancho in the mid 80's.
Maybe it was the "New" El Rancho?


allen (in Michigan) said...

Since I'm guessing I'll probably get this wrong....Bahamas?

Steve USMA '85 said...

Baltimore Washington International Airport.

MAJ K said...

Baltimore-Washington International

Thorndog said...

Very funny!

Darren said...

GBradley: the source of all information, Wikipedia, tells us this:

"In 1982 the former Thunderbird Hotel was rebranded 'El Rancho.' Two hotels using the name 'El Rancho' has created some confusion."