Saturday, October 24, 2009

Smart Diplomacy

America's standing in the world is better now?

Now who’s the go-it-alone cowboy? Obama has damaged relations with the UK, France, the Czech Republic, and Poland, which even Joe Biden was forced to admit yesterday. Instead, Obama has focused his friendlier attention on Russia and Iran. What has Obama and the US received in return? Laughter over Hillary Clinton’s amateurish “reset button” and zero cooperation on Iranian nuclear weapons. And this is “smart power”?

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Ellen K said...

Now that the Germans, the French and even the UK are taking a more conservative view of economic tidings, the Obama administration is encountering more criticism from the very Europeans that lauded him with hosannas during the election. He doesn't understand that campaigning is not the same as governing. While the Europeans loved his campaign, they see his shift in action and his lack of responsibility. I wish the man would stop fundraising and shuffling off responsibility for legislation to Emmanuel and Axelrod and do his job. 114 trips on Air Force One in nine months is a great deal of traveling. Our problems are domestic. Stay home.