Monday, October 05, 2009

Nationwide Protest Against Military Recruiters In Schools

The lefties are at it again; I hadn't heard about this until a friend sent me the link. I hope not to see such losers at my school. Of the 6 pins I wear on my school ID card lanyard, 5 are military--one for each of our service academies, a Troops To College pin, and a US Army pin.

That should be enough. I don't think I need to wear a US Army shirt to school as well.

I was talking to a recruiter back in August. He told me that he likes coming to my school; it's a high-performing school, and he can be sure that students from my school will pass the aptitude/screening tests. The same cannot be said for too many schools in California.


allen (in Michigan) said...

The real trick is to follow up in six months and see what kind of response the lefties got. I know that they tried pretty hard to create an anti-war movement, modeled on the anti-Vietnam war protest movement, and were disappointed at the response.

I'm going to predict that the response is very similar this time around but someone's got to pursue the issue since lefties won't make too much noise about a disappointment.

Nigel Hoffman said...

As soon as military recruiters stop lying to high schooler, I'll stop protesting. They're never welcome at my university, though. I'm not so big on state-sponsored homophobia, regardless of the top brass' justification of it.

Always good to read your blog, Herr Miller. Big holla from UC Santa Cruz haha

Darren said...

Your people have run the Congress for almost 3 years, Nigel, and the presidency for almost 1. Nothing stopping *anyone* from changing that policy.

Remember, it's *law*, not DoD policy, that forbids gays from openly serving. Your anger is misdirected. Whether that's intentional or not, I do not know. I don't see you being a big military fan when that policy is repealed.

I was hopeful, back in the good old days of the last administration, that the DoJ would go after your school for violation of the Solomon Amendment.