Friday, October 09, 2009

I Missed A Day, Do I Still Have To Take The Test?

Yes. Is that unreasonable?

Students who miss several days very near a test might get an extension. But missing one day, or even two, a few days before a test? Not so much.

I post my assignments online. Even if students can't tell we're getting near the end of a chapter, I post test dates over a week in advance--online and in class. Dates are not a surprise.

I don't see a benefit in running my class cafeteria-style, where students get to pick and choose on which dates they want to take tests and quizzes. We all take the same test on the same day--I'm very "one size fits all" that way. If a student is absent, they take the same test upon their return but are not eligible for a bonus question, which amounts to extra credit on the test. Taking the test late causes them to miss a lesson covering new material. I don't hand back a test until all students in all of my classes have taken it.

I kid you not, if I gave in to all the requests to take the test or quiz "tomorrow", I'd only have half my students taking the test or quiz on the day I schedule it.

At some point, a "due date" really is a "due date".


Scott McCall said...

tell them about at the U of A, the only way you can get out of not being present for a test is by a deans excuse. Not just a medical notice, but a dean's approved medical notice.

Just last week I saw a student talk to the professor before class the day after a test asking if he could take the test later that day because the day before (test day) he had car troubles and could not get to campus. The professor just looked back, smiled, and said "see you next semester!"

Mamacita (Mamacita) said...

You've posted about one of my pet peeves. All over the syllabus, in bold-faced letters, it says "No make-ups! No postponements unless it's an actual emergency!" Etc.

They still beg.

Mrs. Bluebird said...

And their parents beg.

This year we've had so many kids out, for so long, that I've made arrangements with the PE department to have them make up their tests during their PE time - which the kids hate because they actually like PE - and the coaches don't care because it's one less kid in the gym to watch. I figure they can't afford to lose ANOTHER day of instruction to take a test. So far, it's working pretty well.

I send out emails to parents with test dates, it's posted in the room 1-2 weeks prior to the test, I mention that it needs to be written in the agenda, I talk about it nearly every stinking day and I'll still get some knucklehead walking in and asking, "there's a test today?"

Curmudgeon said...

In my school, it is a mandatory thing. If kid has an excused absence, they get an extension equal to the number of days out during which they can "make up the work."

This one snowflake went to Florida for two weeks in late December, missing a test and a lot of work before Christmas break.

I was told that her trip was excused by her father and that she had to be allowed to take the test and do all the makeup in January, but that she also got an extension because, well, you know, ... the Christmas vacation doesn't count.

Joshua Sasmor said...

I have an exam policy that if you miss an exam you can either provide documentation of you reason for missing the exam (doctor's/nurse's note, car accident report, police report, etc.) or you can skip the exam and have your next exam count double. The only restriction is that you can only do this ONCE per class per semester. Most students take me up on this, and I rarely have to give makeup exams.

Ellen K said...

My way of handling it is that if the test or assignment was on the board before the absence, then they are liable for the work. Right now I am dealing with a group of kids who have been out for five to seven days of class. I will have to simply drop projects due to lack of time. Since we are on accelerated block, our first semster ends in two weeks and we simply do not have enough time for them to make up everything.