Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hip-hop Way To Learn Physics

Hip-hop studies. Important?

Maybe you should struggle with physics. Think about it: If the physics teachers on their own had decided to meld hip-hop with their classroom presentation on the theory that it would make it more accessible to you, you would have — or should have — felt insulted and outraged. And yet you want to make them do it to you.

This comment entertained me:

Difficult material is racist.

Physics equations further white male hegemony.

What Einstein never realized was that E=mc(2) could be so much more if understood in a spoken rhyme set to a bass-heavy groove and expressed in a transiently popular dance move.

Hip-Hop Studies promises to deliver the kind of groundbreaking work done by Queer Studies and Vagina Conferences, which have almost freed us from the shackles of the white man's "science".

Four years of Hip-Hop Studies seems to me a magic key for the bearer when future employers see this on their resume'.
There are plenty of reasons not to entertain the concept of hip-hop studies. A class perhaps, but not a major:

[P]op culture permeates the world of young Americans. Why pursue even more of it in college? Learn new things.

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PeggyU said...

I had to send that to my old physics prof. Really, if he had incorporated disco into his physics lectures, I'm sure so many more students would have signed up ....