Saturday, October 31, 2009

Gratuitous Post To Tick Off Apple Users

Verizon is releasing its newest Smart Phone, the Motorola Droid next Thursday. The Droid is based on the open-development ready Google Android 2.0 operating System, and Verizon is positioning the product to compete with the Apple iPhone, which has been an AT&T exclusive product for years now. The Consensus is that the new Motorola is not an "iPhone Killer", but what I found interesting is why people are saying that.

Essentially the iPhone is safe from the Droid because most iPhone users are liberals. They are people who WANT a Mommy and Daddy watching over them. iPhone developers must navigate a Byzantine approval process that is so bad, that some even stoop to using Microsoft's .NET to get things done. Apple tests and approves every application offered on the iPhone to make sure they all play nice together. This of course ensures the phone will deliver the beautiful and slick user experience Apple has decided its users will have. The iPhone is a good example of the "one-size-fits all" top-down mentality of liberals. If you want a different experience from what your masters thinks you SHOULD have and SHOULD want, you are just SOL. The lowercase "i" in iPhone doesn't occur by accident. The individual just isn't as important, and the "Phone" takes precedence. Many iPhone and Mac users come near to worshipping Apple and their products, going so far as to genuflect when they turn on a Apple device, ensure they face San Jose 3 times a day to give thanks for their iLife and to pray for the saving of the pagans who do not yet have one. link

Why? Because sometimes it's just fun to get a rise out of people--especially liberals :-)

Update, 11/1/09: I haven't posted a few of the more vile comments. It's always fun to poke at the Apple-philes, though, because they can get so emotional! It's almost like you're attacking their child, or their religion (!!!), or President Obama.

Look, folks, if you want to have an Apple product, I support that. I think it's great, have at it. Just don't expect me to think you're a genius or socially-conscious or whatever. To me, you're a person who has extra money to spend on electronics--and someone who takes those electronics a bit too seriously!


Suzi said...

CHL holder here, libertarian. Apple iPhone user. So is my husband, who carries to work. His boss carries, too. And the number two guy in the office. As far as I know none of the women and the other two guys in the office don't carry. Neither do the two little ones who live at the office during the day. But all of them (well, maybe not the little ones) use iPhones. There is one liberal among them.

Just 'cause.

Anonymous said...

THIS iPhone user is as far on the opposite end of the political spectrum from a liberal as is possible to get! And I love my iPhone! This Droid-thing is going to have to be far better than the other Motorola products I've used in the past to even begin to make inroads into the iPhone world! Having other family members who have Crackberrys has shown me that RIM doesn't compete. I seriously doubt Motorola will either...

Eric W. said...

I think that's a bit of a stretch... sometimes people just want a phone that doesn't suck, which Apple seems to deliver.

Also, it's Cupertino, not San Jose. :)

Scott McCall said...

yes....of course....choosing a product has everything to do with me being democrat or republican, not personal interest....none whatsoever

Anonymous said...

"Apple tests and approves every application offered on the iPhone to make sure they all play nice together. This of course ensures the phone will deliver the beautiful and slick user experience Apple has decided its users will have."

wait. . is the author trying to say that these are bad things? that apple shouldn't test the apps to make sure they work together? or that apple users shouldn't have beautiful and slick experiences? i'm confused why those are bad things. . .and i don't even have an iphone. . .heck, i'm a Verizon user, with a plane-jane phone and this article still seems ridiculous to me.

and by the way, i find the commercial to be annoying and stupid. . .why would i want to run 2 apps and a screen that is not going to be big enough for me to see them both at the same time? and taking pictures in the dark? how often do regular people do that?

also, according to a friend of mine that works for an electronics store (not apple affiliated) having a replaceable battery lessons the quality of the phone casing. that part, i cannot actually vouch for, but he seems to know a good deal about all phone brands so. . i'll take his word.


Ellen K said...

Isn't it interesting how some of the same people who would willingly dismantle every corporation in America mindlessly follow wherever Apple, Inc. leads them. There's an underlying smugness that permeates their ads, their stores and their products that are so in sync with the liberalism that's so popular in some areas, that I can't bring myself to use them. In fact, when I was at an AP conference this summer, we had to use the Mac lab. After years of my PC, it was an exercise in total frustration. I hated it.