Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Today at School, Story #2

Today at lunch at teacher came in with invitations to our PALS (don't remember what the acronym stands for) luncheon--for $8 teachers can invite a student to this lunch and, for lack of a better term, bond. Some use a PALS invitation to reach out, others as a reward. I have never participated in this program, but only because I like some "adult time" during the day.

Anyway, he mentioned that instead of cafeteria food, this year the lunches would feature food from Chipotle. Those interested really liked this idea, as you can imagine that cafeteria food isn't always the best. Then the teacher said that the district decided it was losing money on this proposition, and that's why they'll be having Chipotle this year at the PALS lunch.

How could I resist? "A government entity can't make money at this, so the market is stepping in and providing a superior product, at the same price, while turning a profit?" I smiled when I said it (and the teacher who made the announcement teaches economics).

Yet another reason I don't support socialism :-)


Forest said...

I guess your saying that people work at making their product good when they have to convince others to voluntarily choose it over other alternatives?

Don't you love the market! Freedom is awesome.

Darren said...

Yes I do, and yes it is!

maxutils said...

Chipotle is as much an affront to Mexican food as cafeteria food is an affront to food. I'm not sure that the McDonald's owned, exceptionally mediocre Chipotle chain is your best argument against socialism. How about bringing in real food from a local business?

Darren said...

You're just being contrary. It doesn't have to be good *Mexican* food, just good food. It's not government owned, and you're a food snob--then again, you knew *both* of those points already :-)

maxutils said...

Guilty as charged. Chipotle still sucks, though.