Sunday, September 20, 2009

Teachers Unions Give Big $$ To ACORN

By now anyone not living under a rock--or getting their news solely from the NYT or MSNBC--has heard about the ACORN scandals in DC, Baltimore, New York, and Southern California. Those of us on the right aren't surprised, and there were plenty who were trying to shine some disinfecting sunlight on this organization during last year's presidential campaign. The truth finally wins out. (Click here to read posts I've written that mention this organization.)

Let's not forget what those undercover reporters found--an organization whose employees tried to help people they believed were going to import girls from Central America for a child prostitution ring.

Who, besides the US government, gives money to ACORN? Why, teachers unions, of course. From the Washington Examiner:

Teachers unions have contributed over $1.3 million to ACORN and its affiliates, since 2005, according to U.S. Labor Department financial disclosure forms.

But there is no guarantee that the $1,333,112 million in donations from the National Education Association (NEA) and Teachers AFL-CIO unions are actually being used for their stated purposes, according to present and former Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN) officials...

Now that ACORN staffers have been caught on video helping a man and woman posing as a pimp and a prostitute acquire illegal home loans to set up a brothel it is imperative that these organizations reconsider their support, said Ron Sykes, treasurer for ACORN’s Washington D.C. branch.

Both the NEA and Teachers AFL-CIO advertise as strong advocates for children.

The hypocrisy shouldn't surprise anyone--the NEA also advertises as a strong advocate for public schools, yet gives a pass to (Democrat) politicians who send their children to private schools.

Update, 9/24/09: Here's the best information available specifically about the NEA and ACORN.


maxutils said...

So, ACORN sucks, and is likely guilty of voter registration fraud . . .but, I have heard that the employee who was helping them set up the underage sex trafficking brothel recognized that he was being screwed with, just not on camera. If this had actually happened, I would change my view. I'd much rather hate them for what they actually have done . . .
As for the NEA, no problems there, as ACORN is directly related to my job status. ;)

Anonymous said...

To be totally honest though, the San Bernadino tape had them mentioning calling the "child rape" brothel a "school" to avoid suspicion of the young ladies there.

Anonymous said...

And the organisation promptly fired the people involved. When WalMart has cashiers who steal, is that an indictment of WalMart?

Darren said...

Your comparison is faulty. If these employees were cheating ACORN (as in your WalMart scenario), it wouldn't be a scandal. But representatives of the organization, at different offices around the country, helping people lie about taxes and import girls for sex? Yes, I'd say *that* is an indictment of the organization as a whole.

maxutils said...

What if the underage prostitutes were willing?

I kid.

Darren, if this were their policy, I'd be with you.

And, if you can prove the other charges, sure.

And, I'm probably with yu that they do.

But, innocent until proven guilty. And that was one guy.

Great to be in America, sucks to be in America, sometimes.

Darren said...

One guy in DC, in Baltimore, in New York, in San Diego, and in San Bernardino. Does it have to occur in *every* office before the organization is accused?

Lefties like to see "institutional racism" everywhere--they can't identify it, but they know it's there. You can go see the unedited videos yourself and see if there's any "institutional rot" in ACORN. An unbiased mind would have to accept the very real possibility.