Monday, September 21, 2009

I've Always Wondered This

In the US, blocs that reliably vote for Democrats include Catholics, Jews, gays, and blacks. I've often wondered about the first two, and Norman Podhoretz, author of Why Are Jews Liberals, offers an explanation about the second group.


maxutils said...

As one who married a Jew, happily,and as such whose children are Jewish, regardless of my faith . . . liberals never tried to commit genocide on them. I think that might have something to do with it. Also, they have one of the only religions which has an admission requirement other than, "Hey, I'd like to be a Jew" When the Dems start putting Jews in camps, you've got an argument. But if it were up to a bet -- Reps would do it first.

And while I'm at it -- Muslims are much worse than Republicans. I wish more Jews would vote conservative, but jeez -- make it palatable.

Darren said...

The biggest anti-Jew in history wasn't a "conservative", he was a leftist. That's why his political party was known as the National Socialist Workers Party.

Have Republicans put Jews in camps? What are you smoking?

maxutils said...

Fair enough. One of the worst things in politics has been the blurring of liberal/conservative, leftist/rightist democrat/republican.

My point . . .and feel free to rip me on this . . . is that most liberal to moderate jews identify more with the Dems. On the other hand, I GUARANTEE that most orthodox jews vote Republican. And, my camp statement, while extreme -- if you think Dems would do it first, it's you that are smoking the ganja. I wasn't suggesting they would do it - just that they would do it first. Infflamatory, but probably correct.

maxutils said...

After ruminating . . . you're probably right. I am definitely oversensitive to the Jewish issue;my last bar fight would have been with the guy proudly displaying a swastika tattoo while I was dining with my Jewish wife. I don't equate Jewish with conservative, and maybe that is their fault . . . nonetheless, I think most people in the US equate Hitler with liberalism, even if you're correct. I still have my ex and my kids' back though, even if you're right. I know you can appreciate that.