Friday, September 04, 2009

If Only More Senators Thought This Way

I've written about Senator (Dr.) Tom Coburn of Oklahoma before, and I recommend this 4+ minute video of him talking about a single-payer health care system.

Keep in mind--he's not a lawyer, he's a doctor.


M.A. said...

The title of this post could also be: "If Only More Senators Treated Their Constituents This Way"

As much as I agree with Coburn (and disagree with the woman advocating a single-payer system), I appreciate that he treated her with respect.

Ellen K said...

Most of the townhalls were like that. The media likes to try and show any sort of dissent as looney nutjobs. I witnessed this in Dallas when they tried to create a scene and show just the ten protesters in front of Cornyn's office, but the 200 Tea Party protesters asked when they were going to get equal coverage. They don't want to show us unless we are foaming at the mouth. And yet even the Marchant town hall meeting, which was somewhat contentious, never had an outbreak of violence. In fact the only outrageous act was when one plant tried to take over the meeting with her list of printed from the Internet questions. She sat right next to me so I saw and heard her entire plan and speil. But nobody threatened her, nobody shouted her down and there wasn't even the suggestion of violence. I contend that the violence occurs when paid union thugs show up and have no real purpose being at the meeting other than to disrupt it. BTW, why are union members at meetings regarding a healthcare bill from which they are exempt due to collective bargaining rules?