Saturday, September 12, 2009

How Not To Get Good Grades

This kid isn't so smart, which is probably why he wanted his grades changed:

Authorities say a New Jersey teenager threatened to rape and kill his teacher if she did not give his entire class an "A++" for the last school year.


Mrs. C said...

I knew a teacher who had rat poison put in her coffee. She had to have her stomach pumped and it was a traumatic experience.

Good for the teacher reporting it. I hope this boy grows up to realize what he has done and genuinely repents. I feel very sorry for his parents; I can't imagine anyone taught their kid that. :[

Ellen K said...

A few years back some boys delivered cookies laced with pot and other drugs. Several teachers were hospitalized and one ended up retiring because her heart was so damaged. People who treat such acts as pranks have no idea what harm they can do.

maxutils said...

Very important to get the double plus. That wouldn't have been at all suspicious.