Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Government-controlled Health Care Not Working As Advertised In Massachusetts

That, according to the Boston Globe (as linked at NewsAlert).
The higher insurance costs undermine a key tenet of the state’s landmark health care law passed two years ago, as well as President Obama’s effort to overhaul health care. In addition to mandating insurance for most residents, the Massachusetts bill sought to rein in health care costs. With Washington looking to the Massachusetts experience, fears about higher costs have become a stumbling block to passing a national health care bill.

It didn't work in Tennessee or Hawaii, either.

Since it hasn't worked in any state in which it's been tried, why, oh why, would anyone think it would work nationally?


maxutils said...

Larger scale? It's got to happen, this time.

Darren said...

Keep banging that head against the wall. Eventually your head will get harder, right?

maxutils said...

Something like that.

Fritz J. said...

Even better is to read the following article in the Wall Street Journal about Maine's experience with healthcare reforms.

It's not just Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Hawaii where the healthcare reform train has left the tracks due to faulty construction of the road bed.

allen (in Michigan) said...

Or Oregon as I recall.

Fritz J. said...

You are so right Allen (in Michigan). I had forgotten about the case where Oregon's healthcare system didn't have the money to buy treatment for the lady, but did offer to buy her drugs so she could commit suicide. Maybe the Democrats are thinking of that when they tell us they are going to bend the cost curve downward.