Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cool Names of Football Rivalries

The Sacramento area has 3 football rivalries with interesting names. I was reminded of one after reading this article today.

1. The football game between Catholic high schools Jesuit and Christian Brothers is known colloquially as the Holy Bowl.
2. The football game between CSU Sacramento and UC Davis is known as the Causeway Classic--named for the causeway across the Yolo Bypass that links the cities of West Sacramento and Davis.
3. The annual charity game between the combined team of the city police and county sheriff vs. the firefighters is called Guns And Hoses. It used to pit the city police against the sheriffs, and that was called the Pig Bowl.

Does your area have any cool football rivalry names?


Ellen K said...

For some reason Marcus HS and Lewisville HS have the "Battle of the Axe" which used to be played at Texas Stadium. I have no idea if or where it will be played now.

SMU and TCU have the Battle of the Skillet, which seems to have some historic reference, but I have no idea what that is about either.

Luke said...

Easton, PA High school, and Phillipsburg, NJ High school play the Turkey Bowl THankgiving morning.

Anonymous said...

Tonight in Arlington, TX, Lamar HS, coached by Eddy Peach (with over 300 wins!) goes up against Arlington HS, coached by his son Scott Peach, in a cross-town match called the "Peach Bowl".

Anonymous said...

If CSUS plays Ball State, is it the Ball Sac Cup?

Darren - feel free to delete this comment if you feel it's inappropriate...

Darren said...

It's *almost* foul enough to meet the censor, but just entertaining enough to get posted.