Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Common Decency Regarding Sex in the Dorms

Really? Having sex in your dorm room while your roommate (who presumably isn't the sex partner) is there? Eww! That doesn't show any respect for your sex partner or for your roommate.

College roommates have been known to use neckties and socks, among other items that can be wrapped around a dorm-room door knob, to warn off a roommate from inadvertently walking in on a sexual encounter.

Not so, apparently, at Tufts University, where the office of residential life reports “a significant number of complaints” last year from roommates who said that another roommate engaged in sexual activity while they were still in the room — sometimes when the roommates who complained had been sleeping or trying to sleep, or attempting to study, according to an article in The Tufts Daily...

And so the office has “added a new stipulation to its guest policy,” according to the paper, “that prohibits any sex act in a dorm room while one’s roommate is present.”

I placed a phone call this morning to Kim Thurler, a Tufts spokeswoman, who confirmed the policy, and that it was new. “The intent is nothing new,” she added. “It’s really a matter of respecting roommates’ need for sleep, study time and privacy.”

I was all set to go off on today's young people, rail about their animalistic behavior, etc., but then a long-forgotten memory came to mind.... No details other than that I thought my friend was asleep. And it wasn't in a dorm or barracks room.

But going at it while your roommate's trying to study? So not cool.


Pomoprophet said...

oh yeah... my roommate and his GF were loud. At one point I started laughing because I figured it couldn't be real. He also had a stack of Hustlers in the bathroom and turned our dormroom into a pot selling operation. Not a fun freshman year!

Polski3 said...

LOL. Back in the old days of my college experience, I once was up late studying for something and decided to pause and get a drink of water from the cooler in the hall. Several doors down, one of my wingmates was sitting on the hall floor, perusing several textbooks. Karl ! (not his real name), what are you doing sittin' out here? Karl's reply, "Joey (not Karl's roommates real name), has a girl in there AGAIN !!!! Joey was our resident horndog.....Anyhow, Karl ended up crashing in my room that night (I had no roommate at that time....a really nice feature that lasted three months.)

Ellen K said...

As an RA, my daughter had to inform one of her residents that the noisy "goodbye" from the boyfriend was embarassing and scaring some of the incoming freshmen and their parents. Seriously, who lets a boyfriend deliver a freshman girl to campus? On the other hand, my daughter's crazy roomate would pick up men at bars and bring them back to the dorm. THAT was scary. My daugher moved ASAP.

maxutils said...

Yeah, yuck. But my hot upstairs neighbor just . . . well, you know. Loudly.