Friday, September 11, 2009

Anti-Military? Anti-Conservative? Idiot? All Three?

Here in the Capital City it's Air Force Week, culminating this weekend in the air show to be held at the former Mather Air Force Base. Sometimes this week it's been exceedingly hard to conduct lessons at school, as the Thunderbirds have been flying low, fast, and loud directly overhead during their practices. Then again, practice makes perfect.

While we essentially got a free air show, some schools got more:

The Air Force Honor Guard Drill Team, known for its precision marching and complex weapons choreography, will perform at two Sacramento schools this week...

The team is the traveling component of the Air Force honor guard. At McClatchy on Friday, the drill team will be joined by Max Impact, the Air Force Band's rock 'n' roll combo, which also will perform for students.

In a comment on this article, one fine, upstanding (not!) citizen had this to say:

I wonder if any parents have opted to not let their children to be forced to participate in this government sponsored "program"? The government and its propoganda (sic) should be kept out of our schools.

I'm sure this commenter has some point--besides the one on top of his head.


Lt Col Ray Powell, Commander, USAF Honor Guard said...

The kids loved the shows. The principals were ecstatic about having positive role models for the kids to look up to. Thanks for your support.

Darren said...

Colonel, I'm sure they did. I remember when a band from the local air force base came to my high school in the early 80s. We loved it then, too.

Thank you for commenting.

KauaiMark said...

I wonder if anyone had pointed out to the lefty that "school" is also a government sponsored "program"

Anonymous said...

The Bee gets it right.

Rhymes With Right said...

I bet this same individual was horrified that parents exempted their kids from the Obama speech -- and is glad that schools in California are not allowing parents to exempt their kids from the gay sensitivity trainings that they are doing.

But exempting them from patriotic displays and the pledge of allegiance? That's the right thing to do in the commenter's eyes.

But to show the illogic of the commenter, one only has to realize that they are calling for government to be removed from schools that are owned and operated by the government.

Erica said...

Colonel, thanks for the link to the video.

I agree with R/w/R - Though if I had children I would likely have considered keeping them home for Obama's address, I understand that if I send my children to a government funded school, the government controls that school.

The inclusion of military programs in public schools seems a very reasonable extension of this. Overall though your post brings back fond memories of sitting in my lawn chair on the UCSD soccer field watching the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds practice over the campus.

Ellen K said...

Our JROTC goes out of their way to help all teachers and they provide some very nice breakfasts on exam days. I have three former students in the Marines. and they got their first taste of adult responsibility commanding the JROTC on our campus.