Monday, June 22, 2009

Foundation Provides Big Bucks To Sac State's Troops To College Program

From the current issue of Sac State Magazine we learn about the success of the University Foundation in raising money for the Troops To College Program:

The campaign quickly exceeded all expectations. At the Green & Gold Gala in February, University President Alexander Gonzalez announced that more than $150,000 had been raised.

The awarding of the first Troops to College scholarships this fall will boost Sac State’s leadership in attracting veterans, Weston says.

Sihoe attended the Gala and was moved by the response. “We’re getting donations now from people outside the campus who don’t even know us,” he says.

I've written before (1 2 3 4) about this program, and about the people who administer it. Our veterans are in good hands at Sac State.

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PeggyU said...

Actually, it makes me feel better about Sac State. My daughter goes there. Wasn't sure about her choice.