Monday, March 30, 2009

Youth For Western Civilization

Newsalert linked to this story about a group I find most interesting:

Meet the Youth for Western Civilization.

Its members, 13 strong and counting on the campus of Vanderbilt University, are out to "promote the survival of Western civilization and pride in Western heritage."

The club has sprung up at seven colleges around the country in the past few months, sounding a warning cry against "radical multiculturalism," "mass immigration" and the "leftist occupation" of America's college campuses.

To its critics, it's the new face of intolerance on America's college campuses.

Of course it is. *yawn* You figure the left'd be tired of that one by now. Haven't they gotten enough mileage out of it yet?

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Fritz J. said...

As usual there is no comment on actual policies or statements, only ad hominem attacks. A couple of them are accused of posting on white supremacist sites, but what they posted is not mentioned. For all we know they could have been disagreeing with points on the sites, but in some minds will condemned simply because they posted. In short, it is a hit piece with nothing to back it up. As it stands, I have no idea whether I would favor or oppose them and the article did nothing to help me figure it out.

On the other hand, the article assured that I look at anything Jennifer Brooks writes with a great deal of skepticism.