Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Trivia

The answer to yesterday's question is:

Today's question is:
Who led the first successful expedition to the South Pole?

(Tomorrow's question will require a little more thought than the last few!)


PeggyU said...

Dunno. Roald Amundsen?

Fritz J. said...

Unless my memory serves me poorly, the answer is Raul Amendsen.

As for South Pole expeditions, probably the most interesting one was unsuccessful. It was lead by Sir Ernest Shackleton with the goal of crossing the Antarctic continent. If you want to read about some really tough people, read "South, The Story of Shackleton's Last Expedition."

gbradley said...


KauaiMark said...

Superman! Isn't that where the Fortress of Solitude is located?

Steve USMA '85 said...

Raoul Admudsen (sp?)

Think he was first to South pole but maybe it was the North. Sucks you won't let us use Google to verify things. ;^)

Darren said...

I think the Fortress of Solitude is in the Arctic, but I'm not sure. Sounds like another good trivia question!