Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunday Trivia

The answer to yesterday's question is:

Today's question is:
What South African gold bullion coin contains one ounce of gold?


gbradley said...

The Krugerand.
My boss used to give them to Employees who made 10 years with the company, but he changed to American Eagles by the time I got mine.
For a time you couldn't buy them in America because South Africa's policies of Apartheid caused an American boycott.
I don't know if there is still an embargo?

Fritz J. said...

Krugerrand. I think the spelling is correct, but I'm not sure. I'm spelling challenged.

MAJ K said...

The Kruger Rand

Chanman said...

(Spelling?): Kreugeraand?

Joshua Sasmor said...

The Krugerrand [I can never be sure if I spell that correctly, and I don't want to google it, so that I can;t check my answer :) ]

Darren said...

The US no longer boycotts South Africa.