Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow Day at Annapolis

One of my midshipmen sent me some pictures from the Naval Academy. Classes were canceled today because of a "snow day" (wussies!) and he gave me permission to post this picture of the chapel. So much for that global warming conference just down the road in DC, eh?

Bonus trivia question: whose crypt is located in the chapel?


Thorndog said...

I think it belongs John Paul Jones. My old math teacher told me that at one point...I am always amazed by his breadth of knowledge.


Darren said...

You're a very wise man, Thorndog :-)

Donalbain said...

Local weather != Global climate

But thank you for showing how well you understand that issue. I can safely ignore your opinion on the matter.

Darren said...

As if you come here for any reason other than trolling anyway. It must be nice to be able to dismiss me so easily, to feel so superior.

Try googling "Gore effect".

USNA Ancient said...

#1. "wrongontheleftcoast" would be more accurate !

#2. "... my midshipmen ... " strikes me as more than just egotistical !

#3. and since when does math make one a meteorological expert ... I'll listen to the experts, thank you very much !

#4. Hopefully "your midshipmen" are learning for more unbiased sources now than they endured in high school !

Darren said...

Clearly manners and decency were not part of the USNA curriculum back in your day. I trust that's been rectified for the benefit of today's midshipmen.

As for "my" midshipmen, please feel free to ask them about my teaching, about what they're learning, etc. They leave comments here, albeit infrequently--I assume they have pretty important things to do each day, considering they're both plebes.

B Stevens said...

I dont know who any of you think you are all he is doing was posting a picture to make fun of the Academy for having a snow day when back in the day at West Point I'm sure they would have never canceled class for anything short of a nuclear fall out.

And as one of "his Midshipman" I think he has full right to say that as I had a class with him for 2 of my 4 years in high school and he definitely helped me become a more mature person to help get into USNA

Somehow although I havent been to this site in over 8 months I remember Donalbain as posting just as worthless responses back then too.


Darren said...

Actually, we probably *did* have snow days at West Point--maybe one or two in my time there. It wasn't because of anything at West Point proper, but because many of our staff and faculty lived "over the mountain" at Stewart Army Subpost (today's Stewart Airport) and 9W, the road over the mountain, might be closed due to snow.