Sunday, March 01, 2009

Remember The Misery Index?

Don Surber certainly does! It hasn't been news in over 25 years, but those of us who are "of age" certainly remember.

When Bush took office in January 2001, the Misery Index — the combination of unemployment and inflation — stood at 7.93.

It was 7.63 when Obama took office on Jan. 20.

That was the lowest for a presidential since Johnson became president in 1963. And frankly, Nov. 22, 1963, was the saddest day in the lives of most Americans at that time.

Instead of enjoying the good economy, Obama has been talking gloom, despair and agony on he.

It is just not true.

The more he talks about it, the closer to reality it will get.

Which may be what he wants.

The Misery Index dates back 60 years. In that time, 11 men have assumed the presidency.

It was 3.28 for Dwight Eisenhower.

8.31 for Jack Kennedy.

7.02 for Johnson.

7.80 for Richard Nixon.

16.36 for Jerry Ford.

12.72 for Jimmy Carter.

19.33 for Ronald Reagan. Clearly, the worst since the Depression.

10.07 for George H.W. Bush.

10.50 for Bill Clinton.

7.93 for Bush 43.

7.63 for Barack Obama.

I say it doubles — tops 15 — within a year because of Obama’s economy-destroying fiscal policies.

The numbers are here.

We'll get through this recession as we've gotten through all the others--if our government doesn't screw things up.


Mia Zagora said...

I totally agree. But Obama has help in his doom and gloom message. The media are largely his accomplices as well as his loyal fans like Oprah

A neighbor of mine watched this show and told me the people she had on there were pitiful. My neighbor said, "All of these people losing their houses and getting kicked out into the street - it's so sad!"

For the record, I never watch Oprah or Dr. Phil or anything on network television. There's always a spin on their message.

My husband read the other day that roughly 7% of mortgages are in foreclosure. You have to figure that while there are families and renters that might find themselves on the street for whatever reason, there are also those that bought houses in order to "flip" them and lost their shirts, and there are those that simply bought too much house (like Minta Gonzolez) and cannot afford their mortgage.

Anonymous said...

There is another misery index worth seeing. As a California resident, I'm wondering if my state will make it into the 2009 graphic.