Sunday, March 01, 2009

Job Prospects For Graduates

It's not the end of the world if you planned on becoming an investment banker and retiring before you're 40. There's still plenty of time.

There's a little bit of a recession on right now. Where might the recent graduate look so as not to have to move back in with mumsie and dadsie?

As job prospects thin at home, American college seniors and recent graduates are looking overseas for work, even of the unpaid variety.

Organizations that send volunteers abroad are noticing a significant jump in applications for their programs compared with earlier years.

Applications to the Peace Corps are 16 percent higher this year, and late last year twice as many Americans applied to CUSO-Voluntary Service Overseas, Canada's largest volunteer-based international development group, compared with the same period in 2007.

It's not so bad. I've moved back in with mumsie (once) and dadsie (once), for a couple months each time, when times got rough. And I wasn't a recent college graduate at the time, either.

Anyway, read the linked article for ideas. You could always teach English in China for a year. Gawd, I'd love to be able to do something like that....


PeggyU said...

Just avoid Mexico!

Ellen K said...

Choose wisely because if you move to some nations the dollar doesn't go very far. Talk to military dependents in Europe and Japan for more info. In the meantime, there are jobs out there IF you are willing to start lower than the CEO status income you expected when you started school. My daughter graduated last year and is teaching dance. She will start her MFA next year (but I won't be paying for it Thank God!) My son, a history major, will graduate in May. He considers it a ticket to get in the door. He's been a manager at a retail level and he has no real debt except college loans, so he can work at a temp job until things get better. My husband just got hired to a sales job, but it is commission only, which is scary in this day and age. The message is, that if you are willing to compromise on some of your requirements-like living near the beach or having a company car-jobs are out there.