Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Heavy Protest

Some legislator in Florida wants to impose a "temporary" 1-cent sales tax increase to fund education--because it's always a good idea to raise taxes during a recession. Anyway, the Florida Education Association organized a "penny drive", trying to get 2.6 million pennies--one for each Florida student--stacked on the steps of the Capitol as a way to increase awareness, or something.

The problem?

And under those Capitol steps? A parking garage used by state lawmakers, Cabinet members and their staff.

''We didn't want to chance it,'' said Cathy Schroeder, spokeswoman for the Department of Management Services, which handles requests for rallies and demonstrations at the Capitol, but said no to the penny plan.

Still, the pennies are coming.

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Ellen K said...

Interesting. I know people who won't bother to bend over to pick up a penny. I also know people who throw them away. Funny, but they are usually liberals. Coincidence?