Sunday, March 15, 2009

Grocery Store Guru

I admit it--sometimes when I go to the grocery store, I attempt to buy foods that are relatively healthier for me than what I really want to buy. That doesn't mean I go all Whole Earth Foods now, as my primary grocery store is Wal*Mart, but I do periodically read labels. Sadly, you may soon need a PhD to do that!

Do you know the difference between "whole grain" and "multigrain", between "cage free" and "free range"? How much trans-fat can be included in foods labeled "trans-fat free"? Read here to find out!

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Ellen K said...

Starting today, there will be labels on all meat products telling where the animals were raised, the nationality of the animal and where they were slaughtered. I admit, when I can afford it, grass fed beef is world's better than grainfed. But with the economy tanking, I am lucky if we get steak once a month.