Thursday, March 19, 2009


People sure made a big deal of President Bush's gaffes. Is the press going to have as much fun showcasing Obama's gaffes? Perhaps I should make a new category so we can highlight them here.

If I did so I could include his mocking of Special Olympics, or his fine gift of a DVD set to British Prime Minister Brown--a DVD set that will only play in DVD players made for North America.

The President is not only dangerous, he's an embarrassing incompetent. Here are some more examples.


Anonymous said...

Keep telling yourself that, Darren.

Darren said...

Please. Defend his stupid moves.

This should be fun. I'll go get the popcorn.

The smartest thing for you to do right now is to post *nothing*. Since you remain anonymous, no one has to know that you're making a fool out of yourself. The worst that happens is I have to eat the popcorn while watching tv or something.

Darren said...

You know what I like about StatCounter? I get information on who leaves which comments. Not too many comments made around 10 tonight, easy to tell which person--and in which city and with which ISP--is leaving the comments.

Let's just stick to being ticked off at Congress, shall we?

Anonymous said...

He Darren,
I hit enter before I had proof read.
Sorry. Delete if it sounds 'wrong' and I'll do it again.
Waiting to see this appearance by The Teleprompter and his Voice.

Donalbain said...

Errr... I think the Prime Minister of the UK will have a region 0 DVD player. If you can get one for about a tenner at Tesco, it isnt really that big a deal!

MikeAT said...


Did you see TOTUS (Teleprompter of the United States) with the Irish Prime Minister on St Patrick’s Day?

B Hussein Obama was making his comments and they hadn’t changed the teleprompter from the PM’s…and BO said "First of all I'd like to thank President Obama". What an idiot.

I’ve already seen the bumper stickers “I Miss W” and “Don’t blame me, I voted for McCain”.

BTY, the Teleprompter even has its own blog:

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am aware how statcounter works. My point stands, though. Obama made one slip up which he apologized for before the show even aired, and you result to calling him "dangerous and embarassing." It seems to me that you're engaging in the very same activities which you complained about when we had our previous President.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you noticed it, but by time we were able to view Leno on the West Coast, they had edited the gaffe out. The only way I knew about it was thru the Tweets I was receiving from folks who were watching it Back East.
The Leno show aired at approximately the same time Obama was arriving back at the WH. By that time, he had issued an apology from Air Force One, so I guess they told the Leno folks to edit right away.
Had it not been for you and the Tweets and Rush today, I never would have heard the actual statement.
I thought O was taking his Teleprompter with him to the studio? I guess he really needs to use it.
A frightening thought - the possibility that he did take it, and was actually reading from it!

Darren said...

Sure, "anonymous", you and your kind can dish it out but you can't take it.

This one comment doesn't make Obama dangerous--his lack of economic knowledge, his flair for authoritarianism, his socialist tendencies, and his Alinskyite methodologies make him dangerous. Gaffes like this, and so many others, just make him an embarrassment.

Ellen K said...

Isn't that kind of disingenuous for them to edit The One's word? On the other hand, isn't it just a little bit scary that "someone" at NBC which is aligned with the very liberals MSNBC found it necessary to do so? What are they hiding? Is Team Obama's infallibility being questioned? I still contend that the reason for appearing on Leno was political. As a talk show format, they didn't have to allow the opposition time to respond as they would on a public address from the POTUS. In addition, this administration was elected based on rampant polling. The polls are dropping and in order to push through more costly policies and bills, probably unread, he must appear to be perfect.

allen (in Michigan) said...

Is it just my perception or has the delirium that accompanied Obama's election subsided with shocking suddenness?

It's beginning to look very much like America's elected a president who's long on charm and short on most everything else one would find desirable in a president.

Neko said...

If Obama apologized before the show even aired, how come his apology didn't wasn't reported until the day after?