Monday, March 16, 2009

Evil Multinational Corporation Gives Voice To Autistic Students, Barack Obama Does Nothing

Stories like this one make my heart sing.

Then, shockingly, the Hope School was burglarized. All of the computers — along with printers, cameras, and scanners — were taken. For a school that relies on technology to help its students, this was a crushing blow. Add to that the economic collapse, and things looked bleak.

We're talking about technology that helps mute autistic kids communicate here.

But some HP executives got wind of how their technology was being used at the school, and they stepped in to help. Big time. HP replaced all of the Hope School’s computers, scanners, printers, and cameras. Then, on top of that, they donated another five TouchSmarts, a machine that starts at 1,200 dollars. Sure, that’s a drop in the bucket for a firm like HP, but it’s a cascade of riches for a school like Hope Tech.

Go read the whole thing--it's even shorter than it is uplifting.

Oh, and the jab at the President in the title? That's just to show the lefties how easy it is. Of course, given the last 8 years, during which they blamed everything and its brother on President Bush, they should know.


Ronnie said...

I expect you to be better than those who blamed Bush for everything, but it's your blog.

Mrs. C said...

Thank you, HP! :]

Ellen K said...

Why should conservative have to be better all the time? Why are we expected to take the cheap shots and turn the other cheek? Is it because we are morally and ethically superior? Is that what you are saying? Maybe so. All I recall is that when GWB and his father were interviewed and asked why they didn't bite back at the criticism lobbed at GWB, they both said "that isn't what a man does." I think that says it all.

Ellen K said...

PS. On that snarky note, you might enjoy my snarky post today.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for highlighting how private citizens can do more in a day than the "government" can do in a decade! I hope HP also gave them a security system so all the equipment doesn't get stolen again.