Friday, March 13, 2009

About Face

At 1:00 into this video, among other places, you can see one side of Whoopi Goldberg:

That video was made last summer. What a difference a half a year makes!

Just to let you know, Whoopi--that guy you're railing about in the 2nd video, the "tax man"? That's the guy you were praying for, or to, in the first video.

I'm just saying.


Mrs. C said...

She's getting exactly what she voted for.

Wish I could get what I voted for, too. Ron Paul would be in office. Wouldn't that be interesting? :]

Law and Order Teacher said...

Let me get this straight. I want you to be elected, I am in love with you, I want you to have my child, oops. You got elected. What the heck can I do now? Whoopi, you are a revelation.

Ellen K said...

It's funny how Hollywood folks seem to think that their opinions and their votes are more important than those of the general population. Now that they have crowned their king, I wonder if they will enjoy his tenure. It's been said that we don't get the government we want, but we get the one we deserve. Listening to the View's coven of speakers and their ilk, we are certainly seeing that now.
(Did you like the use of the word "coven"?)

Darren said...

It's appropriate!

allen (in Michigan) said...

Oh heck Ellen, we all think our opinions are important it's just that some of us have the option of jamming our silly opinions down millions of throats rather then just a few.

With regard to Whoopi Goldberg, she's a hypocrite of long standing.

She's a gun ban absolutist who mentioned in an interview a long time ago that she kept 20-gauge double under her bed when she moved out to the boonies. It's no surprise to me that she's also a "progressive" who's upset with the high taxes she has to pay.